Rhianna Giles

Rhianna’s role at Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust is as a Multi-Therapy Assistant. You can read about it below or watch the video.

Tell us about your role and the impact it has on those work with

I work within Care Home Support Team – Postural Management Service.

Our team support patients within care homes with complex postures. We offer a holistic approach and work with multiple teams to best support the patient.

We often work with patients with contractures, which can be very uncomfortable for patients. One of key components within my role is to offer support for the patient whilst a therapist carries out an assessment.

Our team offers training to care home staff, which empowers carers to use their new knowledge in practice, which ultimately benefits the patient.

The patient was so happy to get out of bed- it was very emotional moment for all involved.

What attracted you to a role as a support worker?

I originally worked within the Trust as administrator. I was inspired by my colleagues within the team and found myself becoming increasingly interested in the role.

How has training/development helped you in your role?

I entered the role with very basic knowledge. The training and support I have received has provided me with a new skill set. I have a more confident and positive outlook of my own knowledge and work ethic.

What are you most proud of in your role?

There are many proud moments within my role.

My most proud moment, is supporting a patient with postural support in bed with specialist cushions. They had various wounds which were healing which prevented them from sitting out. Our team provided bed positioning profile with specialist cushions, to help offload pressure in certain areas, for care home staff to follow and implement. Overtime, we were able to sit the patient out in their chair, which had been their goal. The patient was so happy to get out of bed. It was very emotional moment for all involved.

The underlying one is helping people when they are most vulnerable & sick. I’m proud of shedding a bit of light in their dark times.

What would you say to encourage others into a role as a support worker with AHPs?

If you have an interest in AHP, then go for it.

There are so many different avenues to choose from, you may find your perfect role.

The pathways into expanding your knowledge and career, are great. Through my own journey I started with Care Certificate and now completing my Diploma. I’ve been super supported by team throughout my learning pathway, which I’m very grateful for.  

If you’re unsure where to start? Or if it’s the right choice for you? I found talking to other therapy assistants and OTs in various Teams, really helpful.