SAS Doctors

NHSE Wessex is committed to the personal and professional development of Specialty and Specialist (SAS) doctors.

Wessex was the first UK local office to appoint an Associate Dean for SAS doctors, and is proud to continue this supportive tradition.

Wessex recognises that while SAS doctors are clinically able and tend to keep up to date in their discipline, they often need specific support or training to take on additional roles and reach their full potential. Employing trusts have a responsibility to direct SAS doctors towards appropriate development activities and to make the necessary funds and time available for them to undertake these.

Wellbeing and support

Any Wessex SAS doctor who finds their professional circumstances particularly challenging should talk with their SAS tutor in the first instance. SAS tutors can support SAS doctors by helping them explore wider opportunities. Wessex SAS doctors may also find our NHSE Wessex Wellbeing and support pages useful.

Further information and resources

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Learning and development opportunities


Starting a CESR application

Contact us

The Associate Dean for Wessex SAS doctors is Dr Julie Onslow.

The Programme Director for SAS doctors is Dr Gayatri Daniel:

For further information, or administrative support, please email