Nursing and Midwifery

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Nursing is essential to the future of patient care. HEE is working with colleagues across the healthcare system to increase the number, skill, diversity and influence of nursing.

HEE is working with the system across Wessex to:

* develop pathway routes into nursing that are flexible

* increase the number and supply of nurses

* widen participation in the nursing profession

* enable new routes including nursing degree apprenticeships and new roles including nursing associates

* encourage nurses to return to practice

* inspire the next workforce generation through nursing and midwifery ambassadors

* engage with student nurses as key stakeholders more effectively

* expand clinical placement opportunities

Please see our General Practice Nursing page for further information.


Maternity and neonatal care has been the focus of several reviews over the last few years including:

Better Births 2016 – Improving outcomes of maternity services in England

Maternity Workforce Strategy 2019 – Transforming the Maternity Workforce

Implementing the Recommendations  of the Neonatal Critical Care Review 2019

In addition, the Long Term Plan aims to halve neonatal deaths by 2025. These documents are forming the basis of HEE work, both nationally and locally. Registered midwife expansion, continuity of carer for pregnant women and maternity support worker development are examples of areas which are a focal point of development. The Local Maternity System are leading and supporting the implementation of Better Births. The Maternity Support Worker Competency, Education and Career Development Framework supports the role development of this group.

Learning and development opportunities

To find out about learning and development opportunities available to nurses and midwives, please visit the Learning and Development page.

Wellbeing and support

To find out about wellbeing and support provided within Wessex, please visit the Wellbeing and Support page.

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