Isha Gurung

Isha is a Radiology Assistant at Frimley NHS Foundation Trust.

Tell us about your role and the impact it has on those work with

Radiology is formed of different specialities and as radiology assistant, I mainly work in ultrasound, breast imaging, CT and general x-ray department. My job role is always focused on patient care. I help radiologist, radiographers to run both outpatient and inpatient clinics smoothly. I work with all age groups of patients and variety of procedures are done within the department, providing high quality of care for everyone. As an assistant, it has a lot of impact on running the clinics smoothly by making sure patients are not waiting long for their appointments, assuring them when always needed, answering them if there are any questions regarding the appointments or any other general queries. I always try my best to provide support and care for the patients, so their overall experience is always good.

Also, as we help radiologist with diagnostic ultrasound scans, guided injection and assist while taking biopsy, the role you do varies from day to day. No two days are the same

What attracted you to a role as a support worker?

The work experience and interests in my life are diverse but has always been revolved around health care sector. I had been working and studying in dental field before joining the hospital to work as ward clerk as I wanted a change in my career. I had always been interested about Radiology as when working as dental nurse, I also used to help dentists taking x-rays of patient’s teeth for diagnosis and develop it correctly after it’s been taken. However, while working within the hospital I got to know about Radiology more in depth and got opportunity to work in the department. I initially applied for the role, as I did not have much knowledge in Radiology and thought working as Radiology Assistant is perfect opportunity to get to know it more closely.

How has training/development helped you in your role?

Working as radiology assistant, I got to explore more parts of radiology and roles of all the team. The training had helped me with my confidence to meet with the standard specified by the trust and department. I have learned to work more closely as team and independently to meet departmental and patient’s needs. My department leads and radiology clinical educator are always keen on helping anyone interested to move their career pathway forward. Help and guidance are always provided when needed.

What are you most proud of in your role?

Each member of the team tries hard to keep the department balanced and fulfil all the demand needed from the department. We all work towards the same goal to achieve. I feel very proud to be part of such as dedicated and supportive team. It is a very rewarding job. It feels like I have got positive impact on the team and department as I was awarded for ‘Support worker of the year’ on world radiography day.

What would you say to encourage others into a role as a support worker with AHPs?

Radiology team in Frimley Park Hospital are very supportive. They provide you with any help and support to grow. Also, as we help radiologist with diagnostic ultrasound scans, guided injection and assist while taking biopsy, the role you do varies from day to day. No two days are the same. Everyone’s way of learning is different so space to train and develop to fit for the role is always given. If you want to progress further in career to be a radiographer or associate practitioner, there is apprenticeship programme available from the hospital. If anyone has any interest to work within radiology department, I would say to try it. Working as radiology assistant will help you to get to know about the role of all the team members, modality and procedures done in radiology. It gives you a good insight within the department.