SAS Doctors’ development opportunities

Wessex SAS doctors have access to the following development opportunities:

SAS Doctors’ Development Days

Wessex has set expectations that trusts have a responsibility to ensure that SAS doctors are getting involved in training.

Wessex SAS tutors have details about the opportunities available to SAS doctors within their trust.

SAS doctors should ask their SAS tutor for this information.

‘Taking the Lead’ leadership programme

Taking the Lead is a NEW leadership programme designed specifically for Wessex SAS Doctors. The practical, interactive and innovative professional development programme comprises of six one-day modules, four 90-minute action-learning sets, a 90-minute webinar and follow-up one-to-one coaching opportunities.

Please visit the Taking the Lead page for further information.

Other Wessex courses

Wessex SAS doctors are also eligible to access the following types of courses via the Learning and Development section of this website.

Leadership, management and personal development
Medical specialty and revision

Wessex conferences

A range of Wessex conferences can be accessed via the Learning and Development section of this website.

Specialty Trainer role

There are now 12 SAS doctors who were selected and trained to deliver the role of Specialty Trainer. Specialty Trainers can be contacted to deliver training days.

Further information can be found in the Wessex Specialty Trainers Directory.

SAS Quality Improvement Fellowship

SAS Quality Improvement (QI) Fellowships are run by the Wessex School of Quality Improvement and delivered by Healthcare Quality Quest (HQQ).

The fellowship takes place over one year, with central contact days and online support from HQQ. Fellows are encouraged to work with their trust teams to deliver their QI project.

See the SAS Quality Improvement Fellowship page for more information.

Medical Education Fellowship Programme

It is recognised that SAS doctors may also be heavily involved in education, and the Medical Education Fellow (MEF) role has been expanded to include Wessex SAS doctors.

See the Medical Education Fellowship Programme page for more information.

Improving Global Health Fellowship Programme

The Improving Global Health (IGH) Fellowship programme recruits volunteers from all NHS staff groups. Volunteers are awarded a fellowship.

The fellowship includes a six-month placement with an overseas partner in a resource-poor setting.

See HEE’s website for more information.

Contact us

The Associate Dean for Wessex SAS doctors is Dr Julia Harris.

For further information, or administrative support, please email