Medical Education Fellowship Programme

… Empowering doctors in postgraduate training to become educators of the future …

Recognising Wessex doctors in postgraduate training as educators

NHS England – Wessex team strives to produce exceptional medical educators of the future by providing an environment in which educational activities and programmes can flourish and develop. It recognises that whilst all doctors in postgraduate training (doctors) are expected to engage in medical education, some may find this a daunting prospect, whilst others may have a special interest in this area.

Sometimes the path into the world of medical education can appear a little unclear. In response to this, Health Education England’s Wessex team offers the Medical Education Fellowship Programme – a series of education programmes and support networks to help doctors develop their interests and perhaps become future leaders in education. These include the Tomorrow’s Teachers course, Medical Education Fellow role and Medical Education Mentorship Programme.

Medical Education Fellows (MEF)

There is a general expectation and assumption that all doctors will to some extent engage in, and be involved with teaching and education. Some doctors undertake considerably more educational activity than is expected of their level and this should be recognised more formally. These doctors may be suitable for the role of Medical Education Fellow.

This role has been developed to help professionalise educational activities as well as to produce educationally minded professionals who are able to take up lead educator positions at the end of their training. It is recognised that Staff and Associate Specialist (SAS) doctors may also be heavily involved in education, and the MEF role has been expanded to include this group.

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Medical Education Associates (MEA)

Upon completion of training many of the Medical Education Fellows (MEFs) continue to be involved in education activities in their post-CCT roles. To provide continuity of support the Medical Education Associate (MEA) group was established to provide an on-going community to share knowledge and skills upon transition into post-CCT education.

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Wessex National Medical Education Conference

The Wessex Medical Education Fellows organise an annual conference.

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Medical Education Journal Club

The Education Journal Club is a monthly meeting held at Southern House in Otterbourne. It is open to anyone with an interest in Medical Education and is a great opportunity to explore and discuss recent research in the field. Papers are distributed via email prior to each meeting. To join the distribution list, please contact