SAS Doctors’ funding

SAS doctors’ funding allocation

NHSE ensures equality of resource allocation and access to professional skills training. Each trust is allocated funding for an SAS tutor for one session per week.

There is also a central budget to support regional training days and some expenses for local training days. As SAS development funding has been significantly reduced, the scope of training activity has widened to include translational clinical topics, delivered as regional Development days, held at various locations across Wessex.

How to apply for funding

Wessex SAS tutors can apply for funding to support a local or Wessex SAS Regional Study Day by submitting an application form.

Applicants should include as much information as possible, to support their application, including a breakdown of costs and a programme, if available. Applicants must specify whether their course will be open to SAS Doctors across the region. If it is, applicants must ensure the flyer and/or programme is sent with the application, for distribution. 

On completion of an event/activity for which funding is approved, the SAS tutor must submit a development fund evaluation form. This is to help NHSE understand the benefits the funded development has provided to SAS doctors in the trust/region, and guide future funding allocation. Expenses will not be reimbursed until this evaluation form is submitted.

NHSE Wessex endeavours to allocate a portion of SAS Development funding to the Trusts each year so that they can use it to identify requirements and develop relevant initiatives that support SAS doctors in their localities. If individual doctors have a specific initiative that they would like to request SAS Development funding for, then they should first contact the SAS Lead for the Trust.

Contact us

The Associate Dean for Wessex SAS doctors is Dr Julie Onslow.

For further information, or administrative support, please email