‘Taking the Lead’ Leadership Programme for Wessex SAS Doctors

Unfortunately the 2023/2024 Taking The Lead Programme was cancelled due to low demand. Opportunities for 2024/25 are to be confirmed

Designed for you and by you*

Taking the Lead’ is a practical, interactive and innovative professional development programme. It comprises six 1-day Modules and four 90-minute Action Learning Sets.

In this programme you’ll be enhancing your interpersonal skills toolkit and thinking about how you can open up opportunities for making the most of your strengths, qualities and skills to maximise your personal and professional potential.

As a member of the ‘Taking the Lead’ learning community, you’ll be finding out more about your role as leader and thinking about how the communication of the leader shapes team culture and impacts on team performance.

Lastly, and most importantly, you’ll be focussing on establishing your voice, your professional presence and your identity as a leader, so that you can communicate effectively with personal authority, authenticity and impact. Along the way you’ll learn more about yourself, your leadership style, and how you choose to be as a leader, both professionally, and as a leader in your own life.

*Responding to your feedback through the ‘Work Psychology Group Learning Needs Analysis SAS doctors in Wessex, 2020’

This programme is being delivered virtually using Zoom. To participate in the programme you will need:

– A reliable broadband connection
– A desk-top PC or laptop (not tablet or mobile phone)
– The ability to connect via video and computer audio
– A Zoom account

If you don’t already have the Zoom software downloaded, please set up your own free account

Access to a printer so that you can download the Resource Pack you will need for each Module would also be ideal.

Please note:

– Each session runs from 9.30-15.30 (registration from 9.00)
– You will need to book a full training day per session
Please do not attempt to attend this programme from work!

In order to be fully present and get the most out of the day, you will need to make sure that you are somewhere quiet (ideally at home), where you can work free from interruptions. If you have family or other commitments, please make the necessary arrangements to ensure that you can attend the whole day.

Eligibility Criteria

The programme is available to all Wessex SAS Doctors who:

– want to enhance their interpersonal skills and personal effectiveness
– wish to develop their leadership skills and build confidence in their leadership role, whether with an official title of responsibility or not
– want to progress their career e.g. from Specialist doctor to Specialty doctor
– are interested in becoming SAS Tutors
– are thinking about applying to Specialist Registration via the CESR pathway

How to apply

To register your interest in this programme please email england.sasdoctors.wx@nhs.net