Meet the team

Pharmacy Dean

Nick Haddington

Head of School

Marc Miell

Pharmacy Training Programme Directors

Jennifer Thomson

South Regional Facilitators, Trainee Pharmacists in General Practice Programme

Xenia Bray
Caroline Murphy
Rhys Martin

Interim Foundation Pharmacist Programme Lead

Anne Cole

Regional Facilitator – Pre-Registration Pharmacy Technician Integrated Training Programme

Mary Carter
Victoria Horton

Business Manager

Katie Purbrick-Thompson

Pharmacy Workforce Development South

Ellen Williams – Director of Regional Pharmacy Training

Helen Ireland and Caroline Murphy – Pre-registration Pharmacy Training Programme Directors

Jen Gilliam – Accuracy Checking and Pharmacy Technician Training Programme Director; Product Approval Accreditation Training Programme Director

Kate Postle and Mary Carter – SW Pharmacy Medicines Optimisation Training Programme Directors

Mary Carter – General Practice Pharmacy Technician Medicines Optimisation Training Programme Director

Victoria Horton – Regional Facilitator: Pre-registration Trainee Pharmacy Technician Integrated Programme

Phil Jones – Pre and In-Process Checking within Aseptic Services Training Programme Director

Karen Nash – Pharmacy Technician Apprenticeship and NVQ Training Programme Director

Renata Sopiarz – Business Support Officer

Phill Pollintine – Team Administrator