Meet the team

Welcome to the Workforce Transformation Team

Head of Workforce Transformation

Sue Hill

Lead areas:
Nursing, End of Life Care, Learning Disability, Urgent and Emergency Care, Advanced and Consultant Practitioners

Workforce Transformation Lead

Anna Prygodzicz

Lead areas:
Apprenticeships, Mental Health, Nursing Associates

Workforce/Associate Transformation Lead

Siobhan O’Donnell

Lead areas:
Patient Safety, Quality Improvement, HEE Wessex School of QI, Cancer, Physician Associates

Associate Workforce Transformation Lead

Sandie Skinner

Lead areas:
Maternity, Neonates

Programme Manager

Neil Parker

Lead areas:
Children and Young People’s Mental Health

Programme Support Co-ordinator

Abbi Sumption

Lead areas:
Children and Young People’s Mental Health

Stakeholder Engagement and Partnership Lead

Janet Price

Lead area:
Stakeholder Engagement Partnerships

Business Support Administrator

Sarah Warner

Lead area:
Team Administration

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