Julia Petherbridge

Julia Petherdridge RM, RN, MSc

I support leaders and clinicians to build resilience and self-compassion so they can thrive in our persistently evolving world.

The need to support NHS leaders to build resilience and wellbeing and their capacity to remain flexible in thoughts, behaviours and emotions when under stress has never been so pertinent. Being exposed to relentless demands over a period of time, the demands of being asked to do more, quicker, with less resource and with no end in sight results in loss of flexibility, may lead experiences of :

  • Loss of self confidence
  • Difficulty in decision making
  • A changed outlook: optimists become pessimists, pessimists lose their counterbalancing perspective
  • Difficulty in managing their emotions
  • Reduced desire for social contact

My coaching focuses on what aspects of individuals resilience have been impacted, and the building of capacity to act differently.

My starting point as your coach isn’t that I believe you are broken and need fixing; it is my belief that you have the answers and solutions you need already, and that by working together we can draw these out and bring them to the fore.

Through our coaching conversations, we will work together to gain clarity on your strengths and purpose and build your self-confidence and self-compassion. I strike a creative balance between support, challenge, progress and enjoyment.

We will discover what you really want to change, identify experiences that enable this, build upon strengths and outline options, choices and opportunities to achieve this to embody a new narrative and how to sustain positive mindsets.

When we work together I will help you to understand yourself more, develop your inner strengths, identify and appreciate your own abilities and provided you with the skills and techniques needed to enhance psychological resilience and decision making capacity for yourself and working relationships with others.

My style is influenced by my depth and breadth of experience. As an ex- clinician and development leader I have worked extensively across the NHS for most of my career. I understand your values, context and challenges.

Over my years as a coach I’ve collected an ocean of tips, tools, observations and knowledge, which we can draw on and utilise whenever the need arises.


  • 3000+ hours of Coaching working for NHS Leadership Academy
  • 1000 hours of coaching for Primary Care colleagues in response to the Pandemic
  • 10 000+ hours of Facilitation over 15 years
  • Graduate of the NTL Global Organisation Development (OD) Certificate Programme  
  • Advanced Diploma in Transformational coaching 2021
  • Diploma in Performance Development Coaching 2009
  • Trained by Ghislaine Calcult in Virtual Coaching 2019
  • Diploma in Team Coaching 2015
  • MBTI Practitioner Step 1 and 11