Referral information

Please see instructions below for the different referrals. Please be aware that the Wessex PSW currently only funds support for doctors in postgraduate training with a training number in the Wessex region. Dental trainees based in Wessex should be referred to the Thames Valley PSW service.

Referrals will be processed within 7 days of being received, however appropriate support may take four to six weeks to be allocated.

Wessex PSW Referrals

The referral form should be completed together by the educator and doctor in postgraduate training after a discussion about the reason/s for the referral to PSWS and the support being requested. The form should not be submitted unless both the doctor and educator are in agreement about the referral. A copy of the form will be send to both the referrer and doctor in training after it has been reviewed by the PSW team.

Wessex PSWS referral form

Exam support referral

You must allow a minimum of eight weeks prior to any exams when requesting exam support. A doctor generally needs to have been unsuccessful at an exam twice before being referred for exam support, with the exception of GP trainees due to the short time in training. There may be circumstances when it is felt that specialist, specific support is needed to prevent exam failure in the first place.