Early intervention exam support options

Varying levels of early intervention exam support options are available to Wessex doctors in postgraduate training. Please visit our Exam Support page for information about the following exam support options:

  • Self-help videos and resources
  • Royal Colleges exam information
  • Wessex Exam courses

1:1 exam support

1:1 exam support is available for Wessex doctors who require further help once the early intervention options have been explored. This support is provided by Specialist Support Group (SSG) experts following a referral to the Wessex Professional Support and Wellbeing Unit (PSW).

If you feel that you (or someone you supervise) is in need of this additional support, please visit the Referral information page.

This is a brief outline of what to expect from exam support. You will have an initial session with an exam support specialist. The aim of the session is to identify areas to focus on to support your exam preparation and performance. You may be referred for additional support from other specialists in the PSW, such as wellbeing, dyslexia, or communication skills. Often, a second session approximately 6 weeks later is appropriate. Occasionally an exceptional third session will be arranged. Sometimes it becomes evident that more support from the PSW is appropriate and in this situation the doctor and referrer will be informed and advised to make further referral to the PSW for a case manager. It is sometimes evident from the outset that more support is appropriate, and a case manager may be allocated from the start. We feel it is important to be clear about the focus of our work and how we work alongside other pathways of support in the PSW. 

Exam experts

The exam experts working in the Wessex PSW are:

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