Wessex Professional Support and Wellbeing Unit (PSW)

Formerly known as Wessex Professional Support Unit (PSU)

Trainee self-help

Wessex trainees should access self-help information via the generic (non-PSW) Wellbeing and Support section of this website in the first instance.

Wessex PSW support services

Any trainee who finds that they are struggling (for whatever reason), despite local support, will be provided support via the Wessex Professional Support and Wellbeing Unit (PSW). This is to enable the trainee to continue to progress through their training.

The Wessex PSW currently manages more than 150 referrals at any one time, the majority of which are for support with exams, health and capability issues.

Please click the following links for more information about the Wessex PSW support services:

Meet the team

The Wessex PSW is run by a close-knit team, consisting of the Wessex Associate Dean for Professional Support, the Support and Development Coordinator, Case Managers and Specialist Support Group members.

For further information, please refer to our Meet the team page.

Contact us

01962 690309