Wessex Professional Support and Wellbeing Service (PSW)

About PSW:

The Wessex PSW is run by a close-knit team, consisting of the Wessex Associate Dean for Professional Support, the Education Programme Officer, the Support and Development Coordinator, Case Managers and Specialist Support Group members.

Professional Support and Wellbeing, is dedicated to helping doctors in training across Wessex fulfil their career potential. Our case managers and coaches put trainee support and wellbeing at the heart of what they do. Our services include enhanced exam support, wellbeing support, personal coaching, neurodiversity support and careers coaching.

What to expect coming into PSW:

PSW tailors its service to the individual, depending on their needs; we recognise that there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to the complex world of medical training. Once you have completed your referral from with your educational supervisor, we will allocate on of our specialists who will coach you through your challenges, allowing you to continue training with confidence.

Mission Statement

To provide doctors and dentists in training in Wessex with focused support for their well-being and development.

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