Approved Study Leave by School

Essential courses: have been described in curriculum documents by the relevant Royal College or Faculty and should assist educational supervisors to ensure that the doctor in postgraduate training is meeting the requirements mandated by the curriculum in the first instance.

Desirable courses: are complementary to the curriculum, the Head of School or Training Programme Director being of the opinion that attendance at these events is of benefit to the doctor. It is not expected that the lists are prescriptive; there is no expectation that the trainee should complete all the optional events for their given programme. The list should act as a guide for the doctor and educational supervisor to plan and schedule attendance at some of these events across the entire duration of training.

Aspirational courses: in the rare event where a doctor wishes to undertake a course or event that is not included on the school list, the doctor should discuss with their educational supervisor and Training Programme Director to ensure that the course or event is relevant to their professional development. The Training Programme Director and/or Head of School will have final sign off for such aspirational events depending on current funding available.

Please refer to the list below for the relevant specialty school:

School of Anaesthetics 

School of Emergency Medicine

School of General Practice

School of Medicine

School of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

School of Paediatrics

School of Radiology

School of Surgery