Study Leave

HEE Wessex is committed to supporting medical and dental trainees in undertaking study leave activities to achieve their specialty curriculum and support professional development.

Study leave budget will cover:

  • Courses/education activities to support trainees to achieve the curriculum
  • Courses to help trainees prepare for postgraduate exams
  • Discretionary courses that add value to trainees individually and support the wider system

Examples of courses that ‘add value’ to the individual trainee are:

  • Quality improvement workshops
  • Medical or leadership/management courses
  • Healthcare technology and innovation workshops
  • Presenting at scientific conferences (based in the UK)

Study leave budgets do not cover:

  • Royal College membership and e-portfolio fees
  • Postgraduate exam fees
  • Any statutory or mandatory training required to fulfil your clinical role (this should be provided by your NHS Trust)

Please read the Wessex Study Leave guidance and frequently asked questions document before applying for any study leave.

Foundation trainees should also read the Wessex Foundation School study leave guidance.

Applying for study leave in Wessex

  • You should discuss any study leave courses/activities with your Educational Supervisor in advance of your application.
  • All applications for study leave must be made in advance to your employing Trust.
  • Approval for the time off for study leave must be approved by your Rota Coordinator (or equivalent).
  • Applications for study leave should be submitted at least 6 weeks before the study leave event. Retrospective applications will not be processed or paid.
  • You must apply for your study leave using the online ‘Accent Leave Manager’ online system.
  • Any study leave activity that exceeds £750.00, or any event outside of the UK (international study leave) will need the approval of the Wessex Deanery. Please email with details of the activity, a breakdown of the costs and confirmation of the approval from your Educational Supervisor/Training Programme Director.
  • It is advised that you book the study leave activity once the online approval process has been completed (including Deanery level approval for requests over £750.00 or international study leave). If you pay for an activity before the approval process is complete, and the request is declined, you will not be reimbursed for any costs incurred.
  • You can reclaim any study leave expenses from your employing Trust after you have attended the event, in accordance with their local process. Please read the study leave travel and subsistence guide.
  • Claims must be submitted no later than 3 months after the event, in line with NHS terms and conditions for staff expenses. Any claims received after this deadline will not be paid.

Applications for study leave should be submitted using the Accent Online Leave Manager system and trainees should follow the local process in their employing trust for applying for educational approval and time for off for study leave activities.

Users will require a login and password for Accent Leave Manager. If you do not have a login and password, or have forgotten it, please email

Note: only verified Wessex trainees will be given a login for this system.