Trainee Advisory Group (TAG)

The Trainee Advisory Group consists of representatives from the many specialities across Wessex. The Group gives trainees a strong voice in the development of postgraduate medical education and training in NHSE Wessex.

The group meets regularly throughout the year to discuss regional issues of importance to trainees. TAG provides feedback directly to the Dean during their meetings and acts as an interface for discussion between educators and education managers working within NHSE Wessex and trusts around the region. 

Role and Responsibilities of TAG

  • Provide the Postgraduate Dean with a trainee perspective on education and training activities, policies, procedures and support the development of new initiatives
  • Advise the Postgraduate Dean and Senior Team of trainees’ concerns and seek ways to respond to these concerns.
  • Consider matters suggested for discussion by the Postgraduate Dean and Senior Team, and any of the specialty schools
  • Share information about the Wessex Local Office activities with all trainees.
  • Report regularly to the Local Office on the deliberations and activities of TAG.

Contact TAG

Please feel free to contact TAG via if you would like to be put in touch with the trainee representative for your specialty or if you wish to raise an issue for TAG to address.