Courses and Meetings

Doctors should apply for study leave time and reimbursements through their employing Trust and work to the Trust policy.

There is no longer a ‘notional’ study budget per individual, but a tailored one designed to meet your personal needs.

Local Courses should be prioritised where possible – see the NHSE Courses page for more information.

If a local course is oversubscribed or in the case of exams, a local course has been previously attended, then an external course may be considered.

There is a wide range of courses focused on exams, general professional capabilities, leadership, management  and broad professional development. Most are free. Details can be found on the Accent Course Manager website.

The School has produced a list of courses/meetings that we feel should be automatically approved if applied for at the appropriate stage in training. This is NOT a list of mandatory courses. Please see the Curriculum Course list for more information. Use the ‘open in browser’ option to view.

Any funding in the region of £750 will require TPD approval and ~£1000 that of Head of School.

There are a range of other clinical courses run in the region, which are organised and advertised independently.