International Medical Graduates (IMGs)

HEE Wessex welcomes International Medical Graduates (IMGs) to train in the Wessex region. We recognise that the transition of living and working in the UK can be difficult and we are fully committed to supporting IMG doctors across Wessex.

We Are Wessex

We reached out to IMG doctors in postgraduate training (doctors) across Wessex for them to share their native greetings, background, and what they enjoy most about Wessex.

IMG training

Wessex IMGs – Induction Programme (for doctors new to the NHS)

IMG doctors new to the Wessex region are required to attend a Wessex IMGs – Induction Programme (for doctors new to the NHS). The following event dates are available to book:

28-29 March 2023

Please click your preferred date to be directed to the HEE Accent Course Manager system.

Wessex IMGs – Connecting Cultures: Developing your Leadership Potential

Moving across national, professional and organisational cultures offers a huge range of benefits and opportunities – both professional and personal… but culture shift can also sometimes present unforeseen challenges!

This interactive course aims to give you insider information about working in the UK and help you to develop strategies to:

– enhance your contribution to your team
– enhance your leadership skills whilst working in a different culture
– help you to manage cultural shift with resilience
– get the most out of this next stage in your career

The course also offers you an opportunity to meet colleagues, share experiences and start building your professional network.

How to book

Places must be booked via the HEE Accent Course Manager system. When booking, please search for ‘Wessex IMGs – Connecting Cultures: Developing your Leadership Potential’ in the Course/Conference search field. If you have not yet registered as a user with the Wessex system, please do so before booking your place on the course.

For further booking assistance, please contact

Further information and resources

IMG Welcome to Wessex Handbook

Our IMG Welcome to Wessex Handbook is a helpful resource for IMG doctors arriving in Wessex.

Diversity of trainees within Wessex – demographic map

HEE Wessex commissioned creation of a demographic map (accurate at time of creation; April 2021) which showcases the diversity of the IMG doctors within Wessex, showing where they attained their primary medical qualification. This highlights the number of IMG doctors currently training within the Wessex region.

Please visit the Diversity of doctors within Wessex – demographic map page to view the map.

Hello Supervisor form

The Hello Supervisor form was developed by the HEE Wessex IMG Fellowship Programme, to help identify new IMGs commencing clinical posts.

The form is designed to be completed electronically between an IMG doctor and their supervisor, during their initial meeting.

International Medical Graduate (IMG) Fellowships

HEE Wessex offers IMG and SAS doctors the opportunity to apply for a one-year International Medical Graduate (IMG) Fellowship.

For further information, please visit our International Medical Graduate (IMG) Fellowship page.

Other support and resources for IMG doctors
Useful information for prospective IMG doctors