Appointment as a Medical Education Fellow

Becoming an MEF

To be considered for the role of Medical Education Fellow the following eligibility criteria have been developed for trainee doctors (Word) and for SAS doctors (Word), and the applicant should fulfill some or all of the items.

The appointments we make are junior doctors or SAS doctors who we expect to stay in the region long enough for the fellow and HEW to benefit fully from the appointment. In order for a junior doctor to have developed a small portfolio rather than just a passion, interest or enthusiasm, it is likely that they will have needed at least four years post graduation to do this. Once you have gained a CCT it is very unlikely that you will be appointed if you are a hospital doctor, however fellows appointed during their training are welcome to remain a fellow for as long as they feel it useful to them and the group. The first five years post CCT for GPs is recognised as a period of on-going training.

Application process

Appointment will be considered by the review of application forms (no CV, cover letter or interview) and two closed references. Your references will be reviewed as a part of the appointment process. This will be done by a panel of four including the MEF leads and will be overseen by Dr Phil Rushton, the Associate Dean.

Further information can be found in the Guidance document for applicants and referees (pdf).

Closing dates when applying to become a Medical Education Fellow

If you feel you meet some, or all of the criteria you are encouraged to apply to the Wessex Deanery. Applications are considered twice yearly and the closing dates are April 30 and November 30.

Application and Reference Forms

Please complete and return your application form to

You will need two referees, who should write closed references to support your application. To minimise delays to the application process, please liaise with your referees to complete the MEF Reference Form (Word) at their earliest convenience. They should then return this directly to by the application closing date.

Your application will be sent to the chair of the appointments committee. We will aim to contact you within one month of the closing date.