International Medical Graduate (IMG) Fellowships

In 2018, HEE Wessex introduced an International Medical Graduate (IMG) Fellowship for IMG trainees and SAS doctors. Three fellows are currently funded (one day per week) by Wessex, to work on projects aimed at narrowing the ethnicity differential attainment (DA) gap between white UK graduates, black and minority ethnic background UK graduates and IMGs.

The DA programme is a national GMC initiative which is guided by the attainment data of these trainees in relation to ARCP outcomes, exam pass rates and trainees’ overall satisfaction.

The IMG fellows typically work on improving support for trainees and trainers, which includes setting up courses, establishing support networks for IMGs, developing support resources e.g. handbook, electronic form for the initial meeting with a supervisor, videos and podcasts. They are actively involved in the delivery of the courses and workshops for trainers and are currently working on setting up a conference for IMG leads in primary and secondary care and enhancing the support network.

This fellowship is for a year, and fellows are appointed following a formal recruitment process. The recruitment process usually starts in March and the fellowship usually starts in August-September.

Contact us

For further information about this fellowship or the DA programme, please contact Dr Fatima El Bakri, Associate Dean via