Wessex Professional Development Unit (PDU)

The Wessex Professional Development Unit (PDU) engages with Wessex Associate Deans, other Wessex teams and external stakeholders, to provide a wide range of courses and conferences, to support and complement learners’ training journeys.

In particular, the Wessex PDU and Wessex Professional Support and Wellbeing Unit (PSW) work together to provide ‘preventative’ learning and development support services for medical and dental doctors in postgraduate training (doctors). This proactive approach allows doctors to be helped earlier, and hopefully reduces the requirement for bespoke 1:1 support services via the Wessex PSW.

Focussing on tomorrow

PDU Wessex events are high-quality, value-for-money, customer-focussed, and aim to better equip participants to deliver excellent healthcare and patient safety.

The Wessex PDU possesses a wealth of skills and knowledge, and as well as delivering a range of events on a daily basis, the team is committed to analysing, changing and improving the unit’s offering.

Through strategic forward-planning, quality assurance and budget management in all areas of its work, the Wessex PDU strives to be one step ahead, whilst reinforcing and upholding the NHSE Wessex reputation and brand at all times. 

Meet the team

The Wessex PDU is run by a close-knit team. Please refer to our Meet the team page for further information.

Contact us

01962 690310