QI Fellowships and Programmes

Our existing programmes have developed over a number of years, being championed and led by individuals with energy and vision, and Fellows who participate in these programmes rate them very highly, reporting that they learn a huge amount from the experience and develop the confidence to continue to use the skills learned in their subsequent roles. The result is a rich mix of opportunity and experience.

Fellowship core components

  • Education and leadership development: regular sessions, including masterclasses and online learning
  • Peer support: Via buddy, Fellowship cohort and School of QI
  • Launch Event: Presentations from outgoing Fellows, sharing session and an introduction to the programme
  • Learning Contract: Identify objectives and employee mentor
  • Project Plan: Capture plans and developments
  • Mid-Year Report: Capture progress, achievements & challenges
  • Reflective Report: Using a recognised model
  • Close Event: Capture learning and improvement work via poster and oral presentation. Work shared on HEE Wessex School of QI Projects Hub

Current opportunities

Please click on the relevant link below to find out more about Wessex QI fellowships.