Masterclass – Presenting Skills

This masterclass covers the three key elements of effective public speaking – content, structure, and delivery. You’ll learn, (and practice) practical skills, including:

  • How to harness your nervous energy
  • How to create and structuring compelling content
  • How to deliver your content with confidence and credibility

You’ll also learn how to design clear concise visual aids that add to rather than distract from your verbal presentations.

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Delivery: Face-to-face or virtual
  • Methods: Lecture, group discussion, practice (with feedback), Q&A
  • Pre-event preparation: Review the pre-event reading materials supplied and prepare a short 3-4 minute presentation to be delivered and refined during the masterclass.
  • Post-event work: None

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Who can attend

– Wessex Training grade doctors (FY1+)
– Wessex SAS/Specialty doctors
– Wessex AHPs and senior nurses may attend as fee payers if places are available

If you do not meet the target audience criteria but have additional experience that you feel would be appropriate for you to attend this course, please contact us.

Aims and learning outcomes


– How to turn nervous energy into a source of power 
– How to create relevant content that engages your target audience
– How to structure your presentation for maximum impact
– How to deliver your message with confidence, clarity, and credibility
– How to design effective slides that add value to your verbal delivery
– How to handle the dreaded Q&A session

Learning outcomes:

Having attended this masterclass, delegates will be able to:

– List 6 techniques for taming your pre presentation nerves
– Demonstrate how to engage your audience from your opening remarks
– Apply content and structure guidelines to prepare powerful presentations
– Demonstrate the verbal, visual and vocal elements of presentation delivery
– Apply slide design guidelines to create more effective visual aids

Associated GMC Generic Professional Capabilities (GPC)

Domain 1: Professional values and behaviours
– Managing time and resources effectively

Domain 2: Professional Skills (Communication and interpersonal skills)
– Establishing an effective and respectful doctor-patient partnership with the ability to demonstrate empathy and compassion
– Demonstrating effective consultation skills, including effective verbal and non-verbal interpersonal skills
– Demonstrating active listening skills
– Demonstrating cultural and social awareness
– Applying management and team-working skills appropriately. Including influencing, negotiating, continuously re-assessing priorities and effectively managing complex, dynamic situations
– Maintaining appropriate situational awareness and sensitivity to the impact of their comments and behaviours on others

Domain 5: Capabilities in leadership and team working
– Showing awareness of their leadership responsibilities as a clinician and why effective clinical leadership is central to safe and effective care
– Demonstrating appropriate leadership behaviour and an ability to adapt their leadership behaviour to improve engagement and outcomes
– Appreciating their leadership style and its impact on others
– Actively participating and contributing to the work and success of a team (appropriate followership)
– Supervising, challenging, influencing, appraising and mentoring colleagues and peers to enhance performance and to support development
– Critically appraising performance of colleagues, peers and systems, and escalating concerns

Domain 8: Capabilities in education and training
– Planning and providing effective education and training activities
– Providing supportive developmental feedback, both verbally and in writing, to learners and doctors in training
– Evaluating and reflecting on the effectiveness of their educational activities
– Giving timely and constructive feedback on learning activities and opportunities

Faculty biography

Gavin Meikle

Gavin is an accomplished professional speaker who has been helping people polish their presentation skills for almost 30 years. Gavin is friendly, entertaining, and approachable.


– Wessex training grade doctors and Wessex SAS/Specialty grade doctors are funded by Wessex, so no study leave claims will be necessary for course fees.
– Other delegates are required to pay a nominal fee.

Cancellation penalties may apply. Please refer to the Accent Course Manager Cancellation and Refund Policy.

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