Masterclass – The Essentials of Effective Leadership

Leadership is something that is often hard to define, but is definitely recognised when it is missing. This interactive masterclass explores leadership, the skills and behaviours that contribute to effective leadership and the impact of different leadership styles.

Throughout the session, participants will be encouraged to explore their own leadership qualities, consider opportunities for further development, as well as gaining a greater understanding of the type of leader they aspire to become.

Duration: Half-day
Delivery: Virtual
Methods: Lectures, discussions, breakout rooms, reflection time, and group work.
Pre-event preparation: Essential – delegates must print their PDF handouts ready for use in the session.
Post-event work: None

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Who can attend

– Wessex Training grade doctors (FY1+)
– Wessex SAS/Specialty doctors

Aims and learning outcomes


– Develop a greater understanding of the skills and behaviours of other leaders
– Examine some key leadership styles and their impact
– Explore the key differences between leadership and management – and why it matters
– Reflect on the type of leader they are/want to become

Learning outcomes:

Having attended this masterclass, delegates will be able to:

– Outline what type of leader they want to be and what behaviours and skills will be needed
– Between leadership and management and why it matters
– Describe some core leadership styles and explain the impact of using those different styles

Associated GMC Generic Professional Capabilities (GPC)

Domain 5: Capabilities in leadership and team working
– Demonstrating an understanding of why leadership and team- working is important in their role as a clinician
– Showing awareness of their leadership responsibilities as a clinician and why effective clinical leadership is central to safe and effective care
– Demonstrating an understanding of a range of leadership principles, approaches and techniques, and applying them in practice
– Demonstrating appropriate leadership behaviour and an ability to adapt their leadership behaviour to improve engagement and outcomes
– Appreciating their leadership style and its impact on others
– Actively participating and contributing to the work and success of a team (appropriate followership)

Faculty biography

Caroline Bell

Caroline has been in leadership roles for much of her working life, in the private, voluntary and public sectors.

Since completing further academic studies as an adult at university and then setting up and running her own business, Caroline has focused specifically on leadership development, supporting leaders at all levels of experience, from those just starting out to those in senior leadership roles.

Caroline has a master’s degree in Human Resource Management and is an Executive coach.


– Wessex training grade doctors and Wessex SAS/Specialty grade doctors are funded by Wessex, so no study leave claims will be necessary for course fees.
– Other delegates are required to pay a nominal fee.

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