Leadership Development Course

This is a two-day interactive leadership development course; using a bespoke case study designed to provide you with typical leadership challenges to tackle and reflect on; and then get feedback from peers and a team of experienced coaches on your strengths and areas of development.

By the end of the two days you will have a really accurate picture of yourself as a leader and you will leave with plenty if ideas to take into the real world challenges you face.

Duration: 2 days
Delivery: Face-to-face or virtual
Methods: Group work, forum theatre, experiential exercises, case study, coaching
Pre-event preparation: None
Post-event work: None

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Who can attend

– Wessex Training grade doctors (C/ST1+)
– Wessex SAS/Specialty doctors (equivalent to C/St1+)
– Other Wessex delegates may attend as fee payers if a fee type is made available
– Delegates from other regions may attend as fee payers if a fee type is made available

It is often the case that your NHS career develops until you find yourself in a role that requires leadership skills for which you can feel unprepared, this development centre is designed to increase, improve and deepen your understanding of your leadership capabilities; it will be a challenging, illuminating and memorable experience.

If you do not meet the target audience criteria but have additional experience that you feel would be appropriate for you to attend this course, please contact us.

Aims and learning outcomes


– Deepen your understanding of your leadership strengths
– Broaden your knowledge of leadership skills and styles
– Offer you bespoke, objective, constructive feedback
– Provide you with strategies to tackle real-world leadership challenges 

Learning outcomes:

– Having attended this course, delegates will be able to:
– Draw on a lived experience of how to influence people and collaborate effectively
– Have more confidence when facing challenging conversations
– Identify more accurately the areas that you need to develop
– Have a better understanding of your personal impact and how you are perceived by others

Associated GMC Generic Professional Capabilities (GPC)

Domain 2: Professional skills (Communication and interpersonal skills)
– Sharing decision making by informing the patient, prioritising the patient’s wishes, and respecting the patient’s concerns and expectations
– Demonstrating active listening skills
– Demonstrating cultural and social awareness
– Effectively managing challenging conversations or consultations
– Exploring and resolving diagnostic and management challenges or differences
– Applying management and team working skills appropriately, including influencing, negotiating, continuously re-assessing priorities and effectively managing complex, dynamic situations
– Ensuring continuity and coordination of patient care through the appropriate transfer of information
– Maintaining appropriate situational awareness and sensitivity to the impact of their comments and behaviours on others.
– Managing the personal challenges of coping with uncertainty.

Domain 3: Professional Knowledge
– Understanding of the structure and organisation of the local healthcare system and its relationship to and interaction with social care
– Understanding of how services are commissioned, funded and audited
– Understanding of how services are deemed to be clinically effective, cost effective or restricted such as on a named patient basis
– Understanding of how resources are managed, being aware of competing demands and the importance of avoiding waste

Domain 8: Capabilities in education and training
– Providing supportive developmental feedback, both verbally and in writing, to learners and doctors in training  
– Promoting and participating in interprofessional learning
– Assessing objectively and fairly the performance of learners and other doctors in training
– Giving timely and constructive feedback on learning activities and opportunities
– Understanding how to raise concerns about the performance or behaviour of a learner or other doctor in training who is under their clinical supervision

Faculty biography

A team of very experienced coaches and facilitators who are adept at creating psychological safety for participants; getting to the critical areas of development through feedback and coaching; and many of whom have experience of working in the NHS

Many of the actors are also coaches and facilitators with over 15 years of experience of working in leadership development in the NHS – working with everyone from “board to ward”, CCGs, ICSs (and other acronyms!). Their skill lies in making the practice opportunities feel as real as possible while being able to process the experience and provide in the moment feedback on your impact.


– Wessex training grade doctors and Wessex SAS/Specialty grade doctors are funded by Wessex, so no study leave claims will be necessary for course fees.
– Other delegates are required to pay a nominal fee.

Cancellation penalties may apply. Please refer to the Accent Course Manager Cancellation and Refund Policy.

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