Masterclass – Moving to Integrated Care Systems in the NHS: what it means to you!

The NHS is currently undergoing the most radical reform since it was established in 1948.

This masterclass will provide an overview of why these changes are needed and the implications of moving to Integrated Care Systems (ICSs). It will look at the impact of changes to the NHS architecture, planning, commissioning, and funding processes.

  • Duration: Morning session plus post-event work
  • Delivery: Virtual
  • Methods: Lecture/formal presentations, group discussion/work
  • Pre-event preparation: None
  • Post-event work: Individual research and action planning (approximately 1-3 hours)

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Who can attend

– Wessex Training grade doctors (FY1+)
– Wessex SAS/Specialty doctors
– Wessex AHPs and senior nurses may attend as fee payers if places are available

If you do not meet the target audience criteria but have additional experience that you feel would be appropriate for you to attend this course, please contact us.

Aims and learning outcomes


– Provide an overview of why the NHS needs to change
– Demystify the complexities of the NHS
– Guide delegates through the changes to:
– the provider and commissioning landscape
– planning and delivery processes 

Learning outcomes:

Having attended this masterclass, delegates will be able to:

– Explain the new and emerging NHS structure
– Understand the importance of developing new service models and pathways of care
– See where they fit in the system  
– Understand the importance of increased efficiency and productivity within service provision
– Understand why the delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan is a priority

Associated GMC Generic Professional Capabilities (GPC)

Domain 1: Professional values and behaviours
– Managing time and resources effectively

Domain 3: Professional Knowledge
– Working within appropriate quality management and clinical governance frameworks
– Understanding the structure and organisation of the health service and system, including the independent sector and the wider health and social care landscape
– Understanding the local healthcare system and its relationship to and interaction with social care
– Understanding how services are commissioned, funded and audited
– Understanding how services are deemed to be clinically effective, cost effective or restricted such as on a named patient basis
– Understanding how resources are managed, being aware of competing demands and the importance of avoiding waste
– Understanding how services are held publicly accountable through political and governance systems, public scrutiny and judicial review

Faculty biography

Jacqui Lyttle

Jacqui has a wealth of strategic and operational experience of the NHS, spanning more than 30 years. She has a particular interest in quality, process and service improvement, having worked at a national and international level.

Jacqui has a deep understanding of how the NHS works, with insight gained from working at board level within provider and commissioning organisations.

Jacqui is a regular speaker on NHS reform and funding at national conferences and is an advisor to several Royal Colleges and patient organisations. 


– Wessex training grade doctors and Wessex SAS/Specialty grade doctors are funded by Wessex, so no study leave claims will be necessary for course fees.
– Other delegates are required to pay a nominal fee.

Cancellation penalties may apply. Please refer to the Accent Course Manager Cancellation and Refund Policy.

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