General Practice Nurses

General Practice Nursing has continued to provide a wide range of clinical skills to the patients in the community, from general treatment room role and screening and the specialist management of long term conditions. Also triage and the management of minor illness and injury has increased within on the day consultations to support the medical workforce

As the role has grown, so have the range and level of skills required by General Practice Nurses (GPNs). There is an increasing number of Advance Nurse practitioners working in General Practice in Wessex.

Most of these skills within General Practice are not part of pre-registration nurse education or experience, nor are they generally found in nurses working in other settings. Despite this, the competence of the role is often expected from the outset, with obvious implications for professional accountability.

Development across Wessex

HEE Wessex has addressed this by aiding the training and development of newly qualified and those new to General practice. We are supporting the Foundation in General Practice Nursing and providing a clear pathway for those working in General Practice to develop the new and extended roles they require.

Whilst we have an aging population within General Practice Nursing, we have seen an increase in the number of newly qualified nurses entering General Practice as a first career option. This will hopefully support the workforce moving forward.

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