Primary Care Network Learning Environment Approval project resources and templates

Project overview


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Project deliverables

Primary Care Network (PCN) overview• Nominate a lead educator and administrator
• Identify educators in the PCN
• Develop PCN placement plans / pathways
• Complete the Thames Valley Wessex: Primary Care Learning Environment Approval Documentation
Student support and resources• Develop a PCN induction framework
• Develop a PCN placement profile
• Develop and maintain a PCN educator database
• Manage tariff for PCN, which supports the PCN financially
Benefits realisation• Dedicated PCN educator and admin time
• Promote a positive education ethos across the PCN
• Improved recruitment and retention 
• Sharing of good practice and innovation
• One approval process for every student – “do it once”
Reporting• Quarterly reporting to Thames Valley and Wessex Primary Care School on project
Project deliverables