Training Locations

Training at the following hospitals in Wessex provides plenty of clinical exposure, covering all aspects of the required curriculum.

Trainees will be expected to spend at least one year in either Southampton or Portsmouth Hospital, as well as one year in either Bournemouth or Poole Hospital. The other two years will be allocated following discussion with the programme director, based on individual trainee’s curriculum needs.

The aim of the rotation is to ensure that trainees fulfill their dermatology curriculum and are exposed to a wide breadth of clinical cases during their training, in both teaching and district hospitals.

These varied rotations are an invaluable part of training in Wessex, the local office believing it is essential for all trainees to gain experience of managing patients and working within teams, in different settings.

Dermatology On-call

As part of the dermatology curriculum, trainees are expected to take part in an on-call service, which promotes exposure to emergency dermatology.

Southampton and Portsmouth are the two main hospitals with an on call Dermatology service, both during the week and at the weekend. The Bournemouth trainee also contributes to the Southampton weekday and weekend on call service.

Wessex dermatology trainees do not contribute to the Medical on-call rota.