Clinical Genetics

HEE Wessex provides an excellent range of training, covering all major areas of genetics. Our centre provides national training courses in cancer and prenatal genetics, that most trainees in the discipline will attend.

We have unique expertise in imprinting and ethical aspects of genetic testing. We have been selected as a genome medicine centre as part of the national 100,000 genomes project and also as a centre to teach the new genomics Master of Science (MSc).

Our aim is to produce doctors confident in all areas of genetics. However, we recognise the need to specialise within genetics and are able to train doctors who wish to practice in sub-specialist areas of dysmophology, cancer genetics, cardiac genetics, prenatal genetics, or neurogenetics. As one of the new genomics MSc centres, we also have excellent training in the newest genetic technologies.

We have close links to the University of Southampton, with many of our consultants having joint contracts. Specialist academic areas of interest include imprinting disorders, ribonucleic acid (RNA) splicing, breast cancer susceptibility genetics and ethical aspects of genetic testing.

Rotation information, Study and Training, Specialty Information, Curriculum and conditions of service can be found in the Wessex Clinical Genetics programme description.