Clinical haematology is an interesting and rewarding specialty that fuses both clinical and laboratory practice with a sound foundation in often cutting-edge science. The specialty encompasses malignant and non-malignant haematological conditions, both genetic and acquired. As a result of this dual role as both physician and pathologist, the haematologist takes an active part in every stage of patient management from initial referral to laboratory assessment and diagnosis through to treatment and long-term clinical care.  A comprehensive and holistic approach is needed to incorporate these varied skills into clinical management which is a highlight of the specialty. 

Haematology care is delivered through in-patient, day case and out-patient environments as well as via the laboratory. The haematologist frequently contributes to diagnosis and management with other clinical teams both in providing advice to primary care and to a full range of other hospital specialities including surgery, obstetrics, intensive care and emergency medicine   Haematologist works as part of a large multidisciplinary team including other haematologists, nurses including advanced nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists, pharmacists, biomedical scientists, radiologists, oncologists, therapists, dietitians and many others.  

Entry into adult haematology specialist training occurs after completion of core training (IMT, ACCS-AM, paediatrics) competences and requires success in the MRCP(UK) or equivalent. Trainees are recruited at ST3 level. The duration of specialist training is normally five years in order to develop the skills for direct patient care and the management of haematology laboratories.

Specialist training provides exposure to all clinical and laboratory areas this enables the trainee to gain all the necessary competences to provide independent patient care and complete both part 1 and part 2 of the FRCPath examination.

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