Diabetes and Endocrinology

Our aim is to produce doctors who flourish in a diverse learning environment, developing skills in clinical care, education and/or research. In fact, at Wessex we see you getting your Certificate of Completion of Training as just the beginning of your career journey!

We offer 17 posts with a diverse range of opportunities to get super-specialist clinical training in every aspect of diabetes and endocrinology. 

The rotation will involve three years in district hospitals and one year in Southampton. In the first year you will be expected to step up to the role of registrar to learn leadership and understand the management of diabetes and endocrine.

All aspects of specialist diabetes care training are available: in-patient care, community care, renal, foot, ante-natal, paediatric/young person care, insulin pump management, education programmes and so on.

Experience in endocrine will be consolidated usually in the fourth year. Endocrine sub-specialty areas include thyroid disorders, parathyroid disorders, bone metabolism, pituitary disorders, endocrine fertility, obesity management, lipid disorders and paediatric endocrinology. 

Southampton is a regional endocrine/surgical unit with many patients being seen with rare tumours.