ARCP and ePortfolio Guidance

This page is to ensure that medicine and pathology trainees are aware of the specific requirements and resources available for their Annual Review of Competency Progression (ARCP). Information and guidance on the ARCP process can be found on our Accreditation and Revalidation pages and should be used in conjunction with this page.

Medicine Decision Aids

Medicine decision aids appropriate for each stage of training and specialty can be found on the The Joint Royal College of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB) website.

Pathology Decision Aids

Pathology decision aids appropriate for each stage of training and specialty can be found on the The Royal College of Pathologists website and Histopathology trainees will find additional documents for local requirements on the speciality training page of this website.

Penultimate Year Assessment (PYA)

Information on PYA’s can be found on the JRCPTB website. The Education Programme Manager or Officer for each of the medicine specialties will contact the JRCPTB to notify them when a trainee is ready to have their PYA and the JRCPTB will then email the trainee with the requirements needed for the assessment.

Trainees that are accrediting in General (Internal) Medicine (GIM) will have a have a separate PYA to their parent specialty. This will be attended by an External Assessor and one of the GIM Programme Directors. Therefore Dual-Accrediting trainees will have two PYA Reports.

Final ARCP

Final ARCPs have the same requirements as Annual ARCPs.

If a trainee has had a PYA they must ensure all mandatory PYA targets have been met by the date of the final ARCP.

For trainees who are Dual-Accrediting in General (Internal) Medicine they must ensure all mandatory PYA targets have been met for both specialties. A GIM Programme Director will review each trainee’s final ARCP, they will either be present at the parent specialty’s final ARCP or will review remotely. Therefore there will be two Final ARCP forms for trainees accrediting in GIM. Trainees must be awarded the same outcome for both specialties, meaning that all mandatory targets set must be met for both specialties in order to achieve an Outcome 6. An Outcome five will be awarded for both specialties if there is missing evidence for at least one specialty.


All trainees must use their relevant ePortfolio to record their progress. This includes educational supervision records, supervisor reports, reflective notes, curriculum sign-off, and work place based assessments. It is important that each relevant ePortfolio is kept up to date as it is used to monitor progress during placements and at annual ARCPs.

JRCPTB ePortfolio
RCR ePortfolio
RCPath LEPT ePortfolio