Support for Trainees

There is a range of support and supervision available to our Public Health Specialty Registrars.

Educational Supervisor

Our registrars are allocated a trainer who acts as their educational supervisor. They oversee their training as well as provide support and guidance. They are expected to meet regularly. A work programme to address the Faculty of Public Health competencies will be agreed and progress reviewed periodically.

Some pieces of work may be carried out under the guidance of someone other than the educational supervisor. This project supervisor / trainer will provide day to day oversight and guidance for that work.

Academic Support

Academic support is provided through the University of Southampton academic department who are based at University Hospital Southampton. They provide advice on academic aspects of training. For example they can provide help when preparing a publication.


Our registrar’s are allocated a buddy. The buddy is another registrar already in the training programme. Their role is to answer questions or give advice. They also take an interest in the well being of the new arrival.

Programme Director

The programme director co-ordinates and supports specialist training across Wessex. With the Manager of the Public Health Development Programme they work to achieve a comprehensive programme to support training and development for all groups interested in developing in public health.

Wessex Registrar Group 

Our registrars meet monthly for half a day. They have discuss issues arising in their work, receive feedback, learn from the process and identifying action points raised in the structured discussion. They also invite external speakers to speak on specific topics.

Business Meeting

Registrars meet to discuss training issues. This is usually on the same day as the experiential learning programme. The chairperson is elected by the group and acts as a link with the programme director for issues that affect the group. The role of Chair is for a period of twelve months and rotates amongst the group.