Specialty Training

Training Programme

The specialty public health medicine training programme in Wessex aims to provide the knowledge, skills and experience needed to be an effective public health specialist. It covers the academic, health protection and service components of public health practice.

The four-year training programme is part of the Wessex School of Public Health’s comprehensive programme of multidisciplinary education and training.

An additional year on an academic Masters course is funded at the start of training to support examination success for those who need it. This course provides the theoretical base for public health. The course is undertaken at the University of Southampton.

We welcome applications to the programme from candidates from both medical and non-medical backgrounds. Further information can be found in recruitment or visit Faculty of Public Health.

Our training is delivered across the whole of the Wessex region. To find out more, please visit the Training Locations page.

The Faculty of Public Health is responsible for the training scheme and developing the curriculum. The programme is regulated to GMC standards. Please see the Gold Guide for more information. Health Education England is responsible for the policies and procedures. These can be found in Trainee Information. You will also find material to support you through your journey in public health.

We currently have 29 registrars on the training programme. We look forward to welcoming new registrars, and an Academic Clinical Fellow in August.  

Contact us

For further information or to arrange to speak with the Training Programme Director please contact us via Alison.Barnes@hee.nhs.uk