PREP 3 (ST6-ST8 / SpR)


All days run from 9am to 5pm. The first session of the day will be a review/discussion of a recent guideline, e.g. NICE/Government RCPCH policy/journal article, led by the trainee organising the day.

There will then be two topics each day that will form the bulk of the training day and will be generally facilitated by experts in the relevant fields, arranged by the organisers of the individual days.

The final session of the day will be an ST7 assessment question (organised by one trainee approaching this for whole year), and for those who have passed this a chance for discussion and support which may include interview preparation/CV writing and development of questions for exams.

SIM sessions on both neonatal, infant and child scenarios will be held twice a year. These will include a prescribing element and patient safety training particularly looking at non-technical skills and human factors in the scenarios.

There will be a yearly planning session to reflect on programme and arrange next year’s dates and to allocate individual day leads and nominate a person to lead the ST7 sessions.

The PREP 3 programme expands upon all previous programmes with the aim of providing more of the key management and leadership skills required of new Paediatric Consultants. Teaching is held every second month and the day of the week varies in order to help LTFT trainees attend. As for PREP 2, the days are arranged by trainees, for trainees. 

There is a three year rolling programme and each day has an over-arching theme. The day has interactive lectures, round table discussions and structured simulation sessions. Speakers range from sub-speciality tertiary Consultants to General Paediatricians, Registrars and allied health and social care professionals. The Wessex Local office also fund external course providers for some key topics which previous trainees have found to be invaluable.

PREP 3 Programme Leads


The attendance list is sent to the Wessex local office,  if for any reason you cannot attend apologies are to be sent in advance to the Session Lead and Dr Adejumoke Awoseyila, Trainee Lead. Your department is expected to cover you except for nights (you should return to do the OOH part of any late/long day).

Grid trainees are expected to attend as sessions are managerial/leadership based and not clinical. Scenario sessions include patient safety training. Those currently out of programme are welcome to attend but it is not a requirement.

A copy of the three-year plan is available to download.