PREP 2 (ST4/ST5)


PREP 2 is a two-year rolling programme for paediatric registrars and is run on the third Tuesday of every month.

Unlike PREP 1 and 1.2, the sessions are organised and run by trainees partaking in the sessions. Details of the coming year(s) subjects will be circulated well in advance and trainees are required to volunteer to organise one session during their ST5 year. Days will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis and trainees who do not volunteer will be randomly allocated to one of the remaining slots.  Each LTFT trainee will be expected to organise one training day during their core training. 

Trainees will be evaluated on their ability to organise their teaching day and may complete a LEADER work-place based assessment by contacting Dr Sarah Williams (Consultant Lead) following the day. Organising a day is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate management and organisational skills in a formal capacity and it is hoped that every effort is made by trainees to make teaching days both educational and fun!

PREP 2 Programme Leads


The attendance list is sent to the Deanery and apologies are to be sent in advance to Dr Sarah Williams if for any reason you cannot attend. 


A copy of the PREP 2 programme is available to download.