About the school

So you are thinking about a career that will make an impact upon the future health and wellbeing of children. You think you might have the commitment and ability to become a consultant paediatrician, lead a team of health care professionals and provide high quality care to growing, developing children. Read on and find out how we provide one of the best postgraduate training programmes in the UK.

What makes Wessex different?

Our programme is one of the smallest in the UK with around 110 doctors in training (DiT) at any one time. As a result we get to know our DiT on a personal level. In addition to the supervision meetings required for Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP), we provide annual face-to-face meetings between our programme directors, managers, college tutors, educational supervisors and all trainees, to better understand and plan for each person’s learning needs.

We provide a highly successful Paediatric Regional Education Programme (PREP) from Specialty Training Year 1-8 (ST1-8) delivering high fidelity simulation training, examination preparation and curricular teaching as outlined by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH).

We are proud of our DiT who lead on many training initiatives, including the Specialist Trainees with an Interest in Paediatric Education & Simulation group (STrIPES).

Our DiT deliver many innovative educational programmes and help disseminate innovative new practice across our region. This is achieved through our Paediatric Innovation Education and Research Network (PIER) a central point of access for all paediatric related activities in Wessex.

Our school engenders a meaningful, multi-professional team approach towards meeting the needs of children and we include nurses on our school board.

We are committed to providing equal opportunities embracing the needs of less than full time DiT.

These and many other activities across our training network have resulted in our high pass rates for RCPCH examinations, our General Medical Council (GMC) feedback by DiT ranking us first in the UK for overall satisfaction and our consistent delivery of high quality doctors who will lead our profession into the future.

Is Wessex right for you?

Effective communication, problem-solving skills and a positive attitude, coupled with a willingness to embrace innovation and change, are some of the abilities we are looking for from trainees applying to our programme. Liking children is also an advantage.