Core Medical Training / Internal Medicine Training

Core Medical Training

Core Medical Training (CMT) aims to provide the core medical skills needed for Specialty Training Year 3 (ST3) trainees to safely supervise the acute medical on take, whatever their specialty.

Trainees will be allocated four or six month rotations through the major medical specialties to give training opportunities to obtain the necessary level of competence for CMT sign-off. Some rotations contain posts to give experience in medical specialties outside the traditional major five specialties and acute medicine.

Trainees will follow the most up-to-date CMT curriculum and training experience will be recorded in the ePortfolio to assure that CMT competence has been achieved.

Internal Medicine Training

Internal Medicine Training (IMT) was introduced in August 2019, and is a three-year programme.

IMT programmes are hosted either across two Trusts or within a single Trust for the whole of the three-year rotation.

The majority of the posts rotate through six posts of four months’ duration and other Trusts rotate through four posts of six months duration.

All will provide exposure to the core specialties, and some rotations provide opportunities in other areas such as Dermatology, Rheumatology and Renal medicine. All the hospitals have established acute medical units incorporated into the rotations, to provide training in the acute aspects of IMT.

The Wessex team plan the full three years of rotations at the time of offer, and candidates are given the chance to preference all of the available rotations.