SAS QI Fellowship

This 12-month fellowship supports Staff and Associate Specialist (SAS) doctors to undertake a quality improvement project in their own organisation.

Joint learning in leadership and quality improvement methodology is utilised on the programme via education days. Masterclass sessions also give the opportunity to learn with fellows from other Wessex programmes. Masterclasses include sessions on Data and Measurement, Person Centred Improvement, and Apple Technology and Healthcare, with a visit to Apple HQ. Celebration close events allow fellows to share their work, which they are also encouraged to publish and share at other events and conferences.

All fellows who have completed a Wessex fellowship programme are invited to join the Wessex QI alumni.

Please see the QI projects hubfor further information on the work undertaken on Wessex fellowship programmes.

It is important to share the experience and learning each fellow gets from their time on the programme, as well and sharing the improvement work they have undertaken. This is captured in oral and poster presentations at a celebration close event. The poster presentations are available on the Wessex QI Projects Hub. Soundbites and photos from these events can be found on Twitter by searching #QIWessex.

Please see below some photos from a previous SAS QI Fellowship close event. The celebration event for SAS QI Fellows from 2018 and 2019 will be held later in 2020.

Fig. 1: Some outgoing 2017-18 SAS QI fellows with Dr Fleur Kitsell, from the School and Healthcare Quality Quest, who provided the education programme.

Recruitment to this Fellowship programme

The Wessex School of QI is currently reviewing its ‘offer’ for 2020-2021 and is not in a position to provide details on future recruitment dates for the fellowship programme at this time. The school will update its web pages and those on its mailing list as soon as future plans are confirmed.

Further SAS development opportunities

To find out about further development opportunities available to SAS doctors, please visit the SAS Doctors’ development opportunities page.