QI Masterclasses

To further support those on Wessex fellowships and other supported programmes, with their improvement work, Wessex offers places on a number of free, one-day QI masterclasses. These provide attendees with additional opportunities to enhance their learning in these areas, whilst offering the opportunity to learn and network with a wider peer group from organisations and professions attendees may not otherwise have the opportunity to do.

The following masterclasses are available within Wessex:

Data and Measurement

This masterclass allows attendees to learn about NHS Improvement tools and their links to measurement, have a greater knowledge and practical understanding of data collection and analysis, and apply ‘proper’ maths to understand a system. It is aimed at people who want to publish robust improvement work, work at a national level around improvement, or want to implement local changes and be able to demonstrate improvement.

Data and Measurement 2

This masterclass is a follow-up from the Data and Measurement masterclass, and provides an opportunity for attendees to receive a refresh of measurement principles, and then to explore the work they have been undertaking.

Person-Centred Improvement

This masterclass will support attendees to gain knowledge of the evidence base and reflect on their progress and current practice around building person-centred culture and care.

Healthcare and Apple Technology

This masterclass provides the opportunity for attendees to spend a day at Apple UK HQ, in central London. This visit exposes attendees to another industry and allows them to hear about Apple’s involvement in healthcare and technology innovation.