Wessex Community of Safety, Quality and Improvement Practice (CSQIP)

Wessex Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) and HEE Wessex launched the Community of Safety, Quality and Improvement Practice (CSQIP) in 2016. The Community has over 750 members, and having worked with many clinical and non-clinical staff, feedback clearly indicates that being able to join with other colleagues working across Wessex would be very beneficial to projects and patients.

The Community works with the HEE Wessex School of Quality Improvement to support those working in quality improvement and patient safety.

CSQIP is a Wessex-wide network that offers the opportunity to connect individuals and projects across health and care in areas of innovation, quality improvement and patient safety.

It helps people to share successes, learn from each other, and speed up the adoption of good practices that make a difference to patients.

Regional events and annual conferences offer members the opportunity to network, make contacts, pool ideas, share resources, and engage with peer support, in order to share and learn together across Wessex. An online community platform facilitates networking opportunities.

CSQIP wants to connect people in Wessex who are helping to drive innovation, improvement and patient safety activities in health and care. This could be within a department, along a patient pathway, as part of a clinical network, or across an organisation(s). Those wishing to join should also have a desire to share knowledge, successes and experience, to support improvement for patients in the NHS.

Those wishing to join can register by emailing patient.safety@wessexahsn.net, by providing their full name, job title and organisation.

Those wishing to join CSQIP may also be interested in the national Q initiative, which aims to connect people with health and care improvement expertise across the UK. It is led by the Health Foundation and supported and co-funded by NHS Improvement. Find out more about the Q initiative.