Shorter QI Programmes

The School has offered two and three-day QI programmes for the past couple of years. These are free to attend, and are spread over a number of months.

These programmes support healthcare professionals across Wessex in developing improvement skills that they can use to inform improvements in their roles and services. The education days come with a host of materials, and offer the opportunity to network with others from across the region, and to share ideas and support whilst learning.

Objectives of these programmes are to help staff to:

  • design, in detail, the methods to be used in measuring the effects of current practice
  • know how to interpret the findings of the methods used to identify shortcomings in current practice
  • analyse problems in quality identified, and find their root causes
  • select strategies for change that will be effective and feasible
  • plan for sustaining improvement over time
  • prepare a poster, give a presentation, or prepare a report on a QI project
Feedback from these programmes

“If honest, I thought that I would struggle with the course content but actually I found it very interesting and thought provoking. The facilitators were excellent”

“Loved it! Very high quality. Great to have time and space to reflect and work on objectives, actions etc at strategic intervals throughout the teaching”

Future programmes

The Wessex School of QI is currently reviewing its ‘offer’ for 2020-2021 and is not in a position to provide details on future recruitment dates for the fellowship programme at this time. The school will update its web pages and those on its mailing list as soon as future plans are confirmed.