About the school

The HEE Wessex School of Surgery is responsible for approximately 250 core and specialty surgical trainees across the region, along with several academic training posts.

The school oversees all aspects of training in core surgical training and the eleven recognised surgical specialties. Its core function is to manage the quality of training, by ensuring that trainees have access to the highest standards of teaching at all stages of their training programme. The GMC survey and direct feedback are used to trigger visits to help improve training.

The school also has a lead role in trainee recruitment, assessments and appraisals, preparation for examinations, practical skills training, and the development of non-technical skills.

We have developed an enthusiastic human factors faculty that deliver a NOTTS (Non-technical Skills for Surgeons) Course and PANTS (Practical application of Non-technical skills) course twice a year. We run a large number of cadaveric and simulation courses using facilities throughout the region.

The school has close links to the Southampton University Medical School, as well as other universities in the region which provide health related education and research. Wessex has an excellent reputation in surgical research and trainees are encouraged to become involved in the academic aspects of surgery.

Training has to comply with the requirements of the surgical curriculum, so the school works with the Royal Colleges and Specialty Advisory Committees at all levels.

The aims of the school are to:

  • prepare and equip surgeons to meet the challenges of surgical practice and deliver the highest standard of care for patients
  • deliver surgical education programmes within HEE Wessex, that meet GMC quality standards and embrace College guidelines and ethos
  • recognise and respond to the needs of our trainees, trainers, their employers, and the future workforce

Our trainees enjoy the camaraderie that exists among trainees and trainers within the Wessex School of Surgery and the opportunities this beautiful region allows for a positive work/life balance.

Mr Simon Sleight
Head of School of Surgery