Multi Professional Quality Assurance Toolkit

The Quality Assurance Process Guidance for Placement Provision supports new placement providers to host learners, as well as providing a quality assurance monitoring process of the learning environment of existing placement areas. The toolkit has 2 key parts. Firstly, the approval tool will assure the learning environment meets required standards and secondly the ongoing monitoring process. All sections are completed and documented in agreement with relevant parties including educational and placement providers.

The following process, and aligned documentation, will support the ongoing monitoring and quality assurance for multi-professional placement providers.

The quality assurance toolkit will be used in the following circumstances:

  • To support a new placement provider
  • To support the expansion of learners with a different regulatory body i.e. the placement has been approved for HCPC learners however it wishes to expand the opportunity to NMC learners.
  • To manage quality concerns of the learning environment
  • To provide a process of ongoing quality monitoring of an existing placement provider

Quality Assurance Process Guidance for Placement Provision V4 – April 2023

Quick Guide Quality Assurance Process Guidance for Placement Provision V4 – April 2023

Presentation – Quality Assurance Process for Placement Provision – April 2023

How to use the Toolkit – Video – To be added


Placement Approval Tool Template May 2023

Placement Approval Tool Exemplar

Placement Approval Tool – additional information to support completion

Ongoing Monitoring Tool Template May 2023

Quality Concerns Template May 2023

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