Raising Concerns

Escalating concerns process during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Supporting and escalating concerns

Within HEE Wessex there is a robust system in place so that heathcare learners are able to raise and, where appropriate, escalate concerns relating to patient safety and all aspects of the quality of their education and training.  

We believe that issues need to be addressed openly and transparently, with information shared with relevant parties, to ensure that the interests of patients are protected, and a high-quality training experience is provided.

Learners are uniquely placed – they are the eyes and ears of the service and can provide valuable feedback about the effectiveness of their education and, in turn, the quality and safety of patient care.

If you need to raise a concern, please email quality.wx@hee.nhs.uk

Pathway for learners

HEE has developed a pathway for learners to raise, and if necessary, escalate concerns. The pathway encourages learners to utilise local mechanisms, initially within their clinical learning environment. These can be escalated to pathway 2 and 3 if they continue to be concerned, or they feel the pathway is inappropriate for their individual concern.

The pathway is not intended to replace local Serious Incident reporting. It is intended to provide an additional layer of support for learners if they continue to have concerns.