Quality Visits

HEE takes a risk-based approach to quality interventions as set out by the HEE Quality Framework. Should a concern be deemed high-risk, or requiring further investigation, there are a number of interventions available to support the process.

Types of visits

Triggered visit

To provide an urgent response to suspected significant concerns

To focus on the quality of a single clinical learning environment. Multi-professional face-to-face sessions with learners and educators

Senior panel members with expert and external input, lay input and other input as appropriate

Prompts rapid action, raises awareness of concerns, usually at executive/board level

Learner/Educator visit

To clarify concerns from learners’, and/or educators’, perspectives within a specific clinical learning environment (especially if concerns may be contentious, such as undermining)

One-to-one as a ‘drop in’ clinic or group meeting, virtual or face-to-face to confirm whether the concern(s) represents a risk to training

Engagement with learners and/or educators and provides an opportunity to voice concerns

Annual Education Quality Review

Engagement meeting with senior leaders from HEE and a Trust. Covers both trust and HEE updates at a local and national level. Provides a summary of education quality, utilisation of education funding and outcomes of investment

HEE: Postgraduate Dean, Head of Quality, Business Manager, Workforce Transformation.

Trust: Chief Executive Officer, Medical Director, Director of Medical Education, Medical Education Manager, Chief Nurse, Head of Learning and Development.

Senior leader engagement and commitment to the education and training quality agenda

Desktop reviews

In Wessex, a desktop review takes the form of an Education Quality Dashboard which provides an overview of the education and training information for each trust.  Dashboards are updated throughout the year and are used in conjunction with Education Quality Reviews. Dashboards contain:

Local information:

– Number of learners and funding information
– Details of training programmes at the trust
– Summary of education and training risks
– Learning Development Agreement compliance
– Survey results
– Good practice
– Hotspots

National information:

– Friends and Family Test data
– NHS Choices
– CQC summaries
– NHS staff survey results

Used to fulfill information requests from bodies such as the CQC

Contact us

For queries, or more information, please email the Wessex Quality team via quality.wx@hee.nhs.uk