Quality of Learning in the Workplace

Welcome to the Wessex Quality Management information pages.

The Wessex Quality team works across the region to ensure that all learners are provided with a high-quality learning environment. Training is delivered in accordance with the standards of the HEE Quality Framework and the following regulators:

Quality team mechanisms

The Quality team utilises a number of mechanisms to ensure the highest quality of education and training is delivered. These mechanisms form a cyclical review of the team’s work, and activities include:

  • Supporting the HEE Quality Strategy through the implementation of the HEE Quality Framework
  • Responding to concerns which could prompt a Quality Intervention
  • Managing Learner Surveys such as the GMC National Trainee Survey (NTS) and the HEE National Education and Training Survey (NETS)
  • Ensuring that all postgraduate medical training posts and programmes are approved by the GMC
  • Maintaining a multi-professional Quality Register of education and training concerns
  • Coordinating and analysing Annual Reports for trusts and schools

There is a strong quality governance structure that permeates the quality management process. Close collaboration with various bodies, including learners and local education providers, enables work to take place.

Contact us

For queries, or more information, please email the Wessex Quality team via england.quality.wx@nhs.uk