HEE Quality Framework

The multi-professional HEE Quality Framework describes the domains, standards and expectations to demonstrate a high quality work-based learning environment, for all healthcare learners. It enables support for local healthcare system partners and education and placement providers by:

  • delivering a whole-workforce quality perspective
  • providing a platform to respond to concerns about education and training quality
  • enabling the identification, sharing and adoption of good practice across the health and care system

Key documents and information

HEE Quality Strategy

The HEE Quality Strategy describes the vision for a consistent, multi professional approach to improving quality.

HEE Quality Framework Handbook

The HEE Quality Framework Handbook describes the systems and processes by which HEE will evaluate, assess risks, manage and improve quality.

National Education and Training Survey (NETS)

The National Education and Training Survey (NETS) is a national, core set of metrics, administered at local level, to support our insight into the quality of learner placements.

HEE Intensive Support Framework

HEE Intensive Support Framework is designed to enable both categorisation of concerns and provide support to address them by:

facilitating a graded approach to reporting

supporting regional quality teams and local offices to implement the Quality Framework

supporting our policy on the suspension of postgraduate medical training in relation to serious concerns.

HEE Quality Domains